Sunday, 2 August 2009

oh, it seems I'm knitting?!

Well, that was quite a slump wasn't it? Apart from bonnie, which was tiny, I've done no knitting since March.


But recently I found myself surfing Loop's pretty website, investigating stockists of malabrigo, finding out what the most popular silk and cashmere yarns on ravelry are, wondering what to do with all that rowan country heather I have since I unravelled branwen, and even, gasp!, picking up my striped jemima sweater.

Shh, don't make any sudden movements, my knitting is back...

Oh, and I'm going to recommend a cookery book. Sarah Raven's Garden Cookbook. Its arranged by the predominant ingredient in the recipe, usually a vegetable or herb, then by season. If you feel in the mood for lemons, or cucumber, or strawberries, then this is the book to dive into. I esp. love her spinach and gruyere tarte, which is so tasty you'll never look at a shop-bought quiche again, her french goats cheese salad, her rosemary flat bread and her cucumber raita. The index of recipes is 13 pages long. Its very good, try it.

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