Monday, 30 March 2009

crash and burn

This is what it looks like when your resolutions crash and burn...

This is supposed to be Corona, but as you can see, it's barely more than a belt (sigh).
Not only this, but my tall-ship t-shirt, which I was so enthusiastic about, is buried in my knitting basket, unloved. I am definitely slumped. I'm thinking, finish these 2 projects, and give wool a rest for a while, try something else, maybe throw myself into seriously improving my sewing skills and aim for that last resolution - the hand-made dress.
I was given a cookbook recently and am trying out all these new recipes. I learned how to dress a salad, which is an absurdly simple thing to do, it feels like a revelation. I was making the grilled goats cheese salad from Sarah Raven's Garden Cookbook, on the basis that I had something similar in Paris and it was tres yummy. Just add balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard to olive oil...why haven't I done this before?! Also, drizzling warm honey over sliced goats cheese on some crusty bread and grilling is so delicious I could barely speak - try it. Seriously.
Since summer is here and fruit is unusually cheap at the moment I also had to make the strawberry and shortcake tart. I added raspberries, and skipped the orange water, but I did use semolina which made it really crunchy. What is semolina? Flour or sugar?

Sunday, 15 March 2009

four random things I'm in love with at the moment

Shirley Hughes illustrated picture books, especially 'Ella's Big Chance' - a gorgeous re-telling of Cinderella, set in the 20s'/30s'. The dresses are lovely, and the ending much more romantic.

Repeats of Ballykissangel, makes me feel happy.

Going to the pub with friends, which is actually quite a new experience for me. It's so nice, and surprisingly relaxing. I've recently co-founded a new knitting group in Bath and we meet at The Cork, and last week I went for drinks with work friends at The Salamander. They're both good pubs. I like apple juice and vodka.

Trying to do 1940's victory rolls in my hair, using this book and the masses of videos on youtube. I also really like watching professional yet homemade makeup tutorials, like askmemakeup. She does a great set of retro makeup films, and 'marie antoinette hair'.

And one thing I don't like: when Mr HH moves my intarsia project and tangles up the four colours, grrr!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

march project ~ corona by canaryknits

I've begun swatching for my March project; a stripey Corona hoodie, in navy blue and lighter than light blue. I think I've decided on the 4-row stripes.