Saturday, 28 February 2009

february project ~ gloves, erika knight

Looks like I can just get this one in under the wire! Actually I finished these a week ago, and have been in Cornwall since, which led to a rather outdoorsy photoshoot...

I didn't make any modifications to the pattern, which is really easy to follow. They're a comfortable fit, even with all the seams inside each finger and along the outer edge, in fact the seams aren't that noticeable. The yarn is soft enough for gloves, and has so far been quite hard-wearing.

If you're curious, the bay in the background is the beautiful Lantic Bay on the Cornish coast.

And if you're travelling that way, you absolutely must have lunch at the retro, beachy Pinky Murphys, it does delicious home-made food, check out those cakes!


One More Stitch said...

Beautiful - both the gloves and the scenery! said...

very nice..
we love your beatiful blog..
thanks for the mini vactaion
mona &the girls