Wednesday, 6 February 2008


The last of the gift trio is done, the scented heart. I cabled the top side, but I thought it would be too tricky to carry it over the short rows of the peaks, so the back is plain stockinette stitch. The dimensions: the centre cable is six inches long, and the heart is six inches across at the widest point.

I stuffed it with some cotton filler and this sachet of scented rosebuds I found at the NT giftshop, which makes it 2 inches thick in the centre and gives it some weight. Its has a 'ribbon' of yarn to hang in a wardrobe or it can be hidden in a sock drawer, for rose-scented undies.

So, its been wrapped and posted with the teacosy and gloves, and that, my friend, is closure.

*the fabric pictured is from Ikea of all places, where you can cut your own fabric (is that supposed to be fun? or just less sales assistants? either way I like it), I might be musing on a beginners quilt.

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Anonymous said...

Oh it turned out so cute - great job! =)