Wednesday, 28 October 2009

hallowe'en and elephants

Freddie the elephant ~ a present for my one year old cousin, who I'll be meeting in November during a week-long holiday in Brighton. It's exactly the same pattern as Peanut. Country Threads is really good for remnants, so he cost me less than £4 to make. The striped blue happens to be the same fabric as my regency wrap, and is an incredibly soft brushed cotton. I made one mod. - adding a square of the contrasting fabric to the end of the trunk, instead of gathering in the four corners.

I'm also going to give him Orange Pear Apple Bear, which I fell in love with during the Lit. Festival. My foodie experiences at the Mission Theatre also inspired me to try a new tarte, and I found this recipe on Delia's website for Parsnip and Stilton tarte. It's good, but not as bursting with flavour as Sarah Raven's spinach and gruyere.

Are you excited about Halloween on saturday? I already have my pumpkin done!

Have a fun weekend!


Lyn said...

I love the elephant! he's cute.

One More Stitch said...

What a sweet little elephant - so clever!

Thanks for the parsnip link. One of my POB groups is discussing everything but POB (as usual) which parsnips happen to be one of the subjects of the day so I passed it on. I love parsnips and hope to try this tart recipe as well as some of Delia's others.

Steffi said...

Hi! Thank you for your comment. It seems I still have much more to live and discover. And I used to laugh when people older and wiser than I reminisced about re-learning things they thought they already knew! I'll figure it out yet.

I LOVE your elephant, by the way. :)

Rima said...

What a great elephant! I love yours.

Johanna said...

The elephant is great, but I love the picture of the tarte even more. Yum.