Friday, 12 December 2008

cake in the making

Here is a gateau to die for...lemon and orange white chocolate gateau, mmmmmmmmmmmm

I'm baking this for my HH who has a thing for white chocolate. And I get to test the oven mitts I made yesterday, which took about as long to make as it's taking to bake the cake.

Including the production of this lemon and orange curd filling...

...the 'pocket' for hands is sewn into the seam (no bias binding!)... it can be flipped over so the outside becomes the inside; reversible oven gloves!

This is how many white chocolate buttons you need to get 200g of white chocolate...

Sickly sweet? Finished pics will be up tomorrow when everything has cooled and been assembled.

1 comment:

Johanna said...

Very nice oven gloves! I'm not sure I'm totally sold on the idea of the cake... you'll have to post me a slice so I can make my mind up :-)