Sunday, 9 November 2008

Plenty of Photos

I finished the awesome mittens a week ago, these were difficult to put down - I was so anxious to wear them. I've added a mitten flap and they are tres cosy. I will definitely be making these in a charcoal and lilac/blue combination too.

I have plenty of photos; making the mittens ~

wearing the mittens ~

So my life has taken a dramatic turn, hopefully for the better. A few months ago I quit my dull job and after working out a colossal nine-week notice period as a favour to my ex-employers, I tasted first relief that I had decided to make a positive change in my life, and then the fear of unemployment. Luckily, oh so luckily, I have a new job, and even better I think I'm going to enjoy it. So pensions are out, and books are in - I'm working part-time in a well-known bookseller (I won't mention the name as they have rather strict employee web-log rules). But they do have a dress-code that suits me down to the ground, it being casual and black.

Has anyone else been reading Little Dorrit? Its
such a great novel - I finished it last night but wouldn't reveal the sensational ending for the world.


Siga said...

Cool mittens! With a flap - such a sofisticated mod! Congratulations on your new job!

Johanna said...

Awesome :D

weaverknits said...

These are just lovely... you've executed the mitten flap so elegantly!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful- and I love the flap!

Congratulations on your new job.

I am being very lowbrow and watching the TV adaptation of Little Dorrit rather than reading it! I'm really really hoping the ending isn't horribly tragic...?