Sunday, 23 September 2007

finished knitting

Two finished projects in one weekend, the 'sox on two stix' in alpine pearl malabrigo, and the v&a birthday card inspired 'romantic style' bag.

I'm so pleased with the bag, even though the stitches do pucker ever so slightly round the intarsia (or is it fair isle?). The grey wool is so soft and supple, and the malabrigo so exactly the right shade of blue I wanted. I used 4mm needles for the whole thing to accommodate both wools. I'll finish it off with a pleated lining in this liberty fabric so it's roomy inside.
I knitted up the socks on a whim, my slipper socks are wearing through and its distinctly autumn now. I used Knitty's 'sox on two stix' method, but made them ankle socks with a standard k2 p2 rib, just cos' that's the way I like to wear them, and even though the wool is plenty soft I find some cotton ankle socks worn underneath is good too. I used 4.5mm needles throughout, left out the suggested thread for heels and toes, then seamed with mattress stitch. I'm not too sure about the graphic look from the way the wool is dyed, but then the colours are nice aren't they? btw, a good way to knit quickly without trying is to put on a tense film like 'master and commander - far side of the world', anyway its a good film.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

I'm knitting this weekend...

...Knitty's 'sox on two sticks' in alpine pearl malabrigo.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

My latest knitting book!

It smells totally of new bookishness. yum.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Jean Greenhowe Dolls

The v&a birthday bag is winding up, I've blocked, mattress-stitched, and knitted handles, and once the handles are sewn in all that's left is the lining, which means learning how to use my sewing machine properly I guess.

My new project is a Jean Greenhowe knitted doll. The plan is to make the basic doll, with knitted underwear for modesty, and then to knit a range of dresses inspired by the topsy-turvy doll dress designs, and my favourite period dramas. First up is the green dress Molly Gibson wears in 'wives and daughters'. The dress has been made, and half the pantalets, I need peach and white wool to make the actual doll, and then I'll make a set of accessories to characterise the doll, in Jean Greenhowe style. The current 'molly gibson list' is;

bonnet with ribbon ties
gardening apron
science book
poetry book
(and if I can manage it) map of Africa

Then as an alternative dress I might make the white ball-gown she appears in towards the end of the series, with white flowers for the hair, fan and puffed sleeves. Of course 'molly' will have dark brown hair. My grandmother used to make these dolls all the time for me and my cousins, I have the Cinderella topsy turvy doll, and my sister has the red-riding-hood and old mother Hubbard topsy turvy doll.