Friday, 9 January 2009

january project ~ haven

New year's resolution: make something nice at least once a month (definition of nice: designed be someone else, pretty, wearable, and not messed up in any significant way).

January project; Haven by Kim Hargreaves, from the book Heartfelt.

Knitted in 3 skeins of soft Rowan Cocoon in Bilberry. This wool is gorgeously soft, with a slight mohair effect, and the bilberry shade is actually a bit darker than in the photo. The lace repeat is easy to memorise, and since this is done with 8mm needles is a super quick knit. This was a lot of fun, highly recommended!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was super speedy knitting!

I can't wait to see how your ship sweater knits up too...

Siga said...

This is cute. I've been eyeing that book for ages now... Well done!

Steffi said...

Ooh, gorgeous! I'll have to add that scarf to my to-knit list. The yarn is beautiful, as well!

I like your definition of "nice." :)

Johanna said...

One project a month? That's a lot! Good luck :D