Friday, 29 May 2009

quilting ~ beginners tips

helpful advice I've found from various places, including Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts ~

  • plain weave cotton is easiest to sew with, so best for beginners
  • buy batting thats at least 4" larger in all directions than your quilt top
  • if the manufacturer indicates shrinkage, and you want to avoid puckering when you wash your finished quilt, pre-wash your batting

  • pre-wash your fabric, so any shrinkage/colour bleeding occurs now, now when the quilt is finished
  • press fabric, don't iron it, to keep the grain of the fabric's weave straight ~ the fabric will retain it's size and shape better when washed
  • cut pieces of fabric carefully with accurate seam allowances, so the finished quilt is the right shape and size ~ use the seam allowance guide on your sewing machine
  • press seams, pressing to seam to one side rather than open will prevent the batting escaping through the stitches
  • use a clear straight ruler to cut straight and accurately. use a fabric marker and scissors, or a rotary cutter and mat
  • backstitching at the end of each seam isn't necessary, as most of the seams will interlock with other seams
  • pin-basting with bent-arm safety pins is quickest, though you can't sew over them. start pinning in the centre and work your way out, with about 3" between pins

and boldly ignore this statement from sewsewsimple

"It is easy to get discouraged when your first project turns out bad, something that is bound to happen no matter how many quilting tips you follow or books you consult."

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One More Stitch said...

Love that ruler!

Have fun with the project - the fabric prints are beautiful.