Monday, 25 May 2009

nice things that are cheap

Tulips from a street market, just £1.50 per bunch.

Expensive clothes on ebay start at 99p, I just discovered the thrill of finding Boden and Jigsaw clothes at bargain prices, I won this Boden stripey top last night, and also bought a white v-neck Jigsaw top with silk edging for £4.20.

Curly wurlys, just 20p, and half the calories of an ordinary chocolate bar. Plus they take longer to eat, yum.


Siga said...

Ebay rocks. I get all sorts of great stuff there, eg buttons - all sizes and shapes and really cheap. Important is to try and get as many from one seller as possible - to save the shipping costs. ;-)

amy said...

i love fresh flowers! They make a room seem so much more cheery (especially when it is dark and rainy).

I used to spend time on ebay but haven't in a while. I have an old polaroid camera that I got on ebay. It was in a case and had all kinds of little things in it including dried up fix tubes and postcards that you stick the picture to so you can mail them to friends.

i will have to revisit ebay, i think