Wednesday, 13 May 2009

postcarte and tarte

I found these cute postcards in town...

This is a magazine insert from 1910, illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell. 'Lux soap flakes arrived in 1899. Intially called Sunlight Flakes, it was reintroduced the following year as Lux'.

I've always like the name Lux, but wonder where it comes from?

This one is a 1930s Knitting Pattern, part of a Children's Wear Series, again illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell. 'Gustav Jaeger believed it was healthier for people to dress entirely in animal hair, such as wool. The company did not use synthetics until the 1950s.'

Note the use of 'Jaeger Knitpack's to keep the yarn from tangling, and the price of the pattern; just six old pence!.

My work situation is not so good at the moment, the large national company I work for has had to cut my, and many others, hours dramatically, to try and reduce the number of redundencies. Thoroughly depressing, but I know I'm lucky to still have a job. My deep sympathies to anyone reading this who has lost their job in recent months, I have a glimpse of your pain. So, of the many hours I've spent idling away at home, when not job-hunting, I've been trying out recipes.

This is a 'everything-you-like-in-a-tarte tarte'. It has chicken, leek, and butternut squash, in a quiche-like egg and milk filling with goats cheese on top. Decadent yes, but surprisingly budget-friendly, and serves four, or in my house serves 2 with a generous portion left over for Mr HH's lunch the next day.

And my first attempt at bread...


Steffi said...

Yummmm, that tart looks very tempting!

amy said...

yay! bread! it looks so yummy. The tarte too. Sounds like a delicious dinner.