Sunday, 18 November 2007

This weekend I made...

My first Christmas decoration, a scented heart. It has a clove sachet inside, and a cinnamon stick on top. And that's malabrigo alpine pearl wool as the 'ribbon'.

My list of Christmas decorations to make, mostly in red gingham, is (note, none of these are original ideas (hangs head in creative shame) but have been nicked from various shops in Bath, and a certain book of the month);

two Christmassy placemats for trays

several small hearts, as above, for the tree

four hearts hanging one below the other with cinnamon sticks in between spelling 'Noel'

a garland of alternate Christmas trees and stars to hang across the fireplace

several scented stars, in blue fabric

1 comment:

Anita said...

Pretty heart! Your home will smell beautiful this Christmas.

No creative shame at all in taking inspiration from shops and books - I expect those lovely shops in Bath are a great source of ideas.

PS. Well done with the curtains, they look great. It feels good to make your own, doesn't it?