Tuesday, 6 November 2007

knit knit knit

So, it was English Yarns that came up trumps with plenty of Heather and now I'm back to knitting happily along, and all the wiser for it I daresay. Also in the post this week was the rather lux Cabbages and Roses catalogue, which turns out to be a brown cardboard folder containing very large postcards of their products, with info on the back. An example is the picture in the sidebar with the pink checked curtains.

This is my new sewing project, a pair of pink checked curtains for the absurdly tall sash windows in my bathroom, though not with the £16 per metre fabric from Cabbages and Roses(!). Instead I shall investigate a tiny fabric shop in Bath on saturday. If its not too hard I might try and reupholster an armchair, gulp. Finally my sister sent me this lovely Habitat knitted stocking, check out those pompoms. Awful photo, the large snowflake in the centre is in purple. I might do some christmas knitting of my own soon.

Otherwise, progress is oh so slow on the architect's scarf, especially as the stitches seem so small compared with the branwen sweater. I love varied colours in very dark wool, and have been very tempted by the Dream in Colour wool featured on Weaverknits website. But how to track it down? We're getting the train to London for the day in late December, and I'll be heading straight for Liberty; fabric and wool dept. and Stash Yarns.

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weaverknits said...

You will LOVE the Dream in Color yarn. I've begun my Dad's pullover, Inishmore from Alice Starmore's Fishermen's Sweaters, in it and pause after each row to examine the beauty of the yarn and the intricacy of the pattern.