Sunday, 2 May 2010

wedding season

The wedding season is here, and its not just that time of year, but that time in my life, when all my friends suddenly start getting engaged.

The Chinese Pagoda at Kew

One couple is getting married in a few weeks time, and Mr HH is the best man. They've planned a 'full white wedding' in Kew, the neighbourhood in London in which they live, and the best bit is the reception in Kew Gardens. It's also a lovely excuse for a weekend in a B&B in this flowery part of the metropolis, and I can't decide whether to go to Hampton Court Palace, or the Tate galleries the day after the nuptials. Either way, I will report with inside details on the Kew wedding, should anyone be at the planning stage themselves.

Queen Charlotte's Cottage in the bluebell woods, Kew

But, it also means dress shopping. Alas, I am not much of a fashionista, or much of a shopper. I wear comfy jeans and cotton tops year round. So it was with serious trepidation that I began my trek round the boutiques of Bath. And they mostly are boutiques and independent little shops, Bath is packed with gorgeous little things with big price tags.

Happily, after a few hours trailing around the more affordable chain-labels, ie not the above, I managed to put together an outfit which I hope will do, being not to frumpy for a 25 yr old, but traditional enough for the formal wedding it is.

As the fashion magazines of a bygone era might put it: 'It's a dusky pink affair in faux satin which drapes beautifully, with a little white shrug for warmth, and 2 matching silk flowers, one as a corsage, the other to adorn the hair. Neutral hosiery and floral kitten heels complete the outfit.'

What do you think? Second opinions most welcome, as I really don't have much experience with these things.

Pembrokeshire coast

The second couple have plans for a Pembrokeshire beach wedding next summer, in medieval-style clothes, the third couple hope to eventually conclude their long engagement with a ceremony at the steaming, ancient Roman Baths in Bath, the fourth couple will wed in Westonbirt Arboretum, scene of their first date and proposal. I find other people's weddings fascinating, and will supply all the details in due course, should you feel the same.



Siga said...

The dress is beautiful and I love the idea of matching flowers. However, I vote 'no' for the white shrug. I generally try to avoid anything white on a wedding day that is not mine. :)
Hey, you could knit up a little lacy thing - it would not take much time. And there are tons free patterns for this as well.

Felted House said...

It would be good to see your outfit on! The dress looks beautiful though and very elegant while looking really stylish and modern. I think I agree about the white shrug as I think it will detract from the dusky subtle pink of the dress and possibly be a bit harsh - perhaps deeper cream or deeper dusky pink/taupe? Although when it's actually all together it may be fine - dress up in it all and show us again! Now you see having asked for opinions you may have to go shopping one more time! xx

One More Stitch said...

I am so jealous - Kew will be simply gorgeous!

I vote for Hampton Court - it has everything:: art, architecture, history, furniture, clothing, gardens and the river! I know it well from childhood and spent a lot of my free time wandering all over it and taking visitors there over and over again.

I second the "no" for the shrug and agree you could whip up a shoulder cover such as a lacy stole on mega-sized needles. Wouldn't take much yarn (cotton, silk/blend, light wool) and the simplest stitch on big needles will knit up very quickly. Some stitches create a natural wavy edge so you don't even have to worry about "finishing."

The dress is lovely!

amy said...

I think you will look lovely! Good shopping! The flowers are nice and your description is fabulous. I would have to agree with the other commentators about the white shrug but it is difficult to tell without seeing it on. What about your blue wrap from Trafalgar day?? Though I don't know about that either having never seen it in person.
Whatever you wear you will be beautiful and the garden will be beautiful and you will have a wonderful time!! And that is all that really counts anyway!

A Homely Heroine said...

Wow, what a great response! I'm so glad you all like the dress and flowers, most relieved in fact.

I'm a little surprised that everyone agrees the shrug won't go, I rather like it. But, since there is a consensus I have to admit you may be right. As I'm fairly busy in the four weeks between now and the wedding I won't have time to make anything, but I shall make several forays into town to search for something more suitable if I can.

With regards to the no-white rule, I totally agree that white outfits are inappropriate, but as this just a small piece, I will simply ask the bride if it's ok. I'm sure she'll tell me if it's not!

I really appreciate your advice, and compliments, you've made me feel a lot more confident! X

Where the nodding violets grow said...

The dress is lovely. What great wedding venues. I vote for Hampton Court too. It is lovely there with so much history. And a maze. What more could a girl want.