Monday, 24 May 2010

plans for a wedding present

So, I've had an idea for a wedding present for the pembrokeshire wedding couple ~ clifftop ceremony in a ruined chapel, picnic 'reception' on the beach ~ that I need some advice on

They live on a narrow boat, he is a buddhist, she is into crystals, reflexology, natural fibres, and a vegetarian. She is knitting him a sweater (don't worry, she already has the ring so won't be affected by the curse), and he has talked about knitting a blanket for their bed. Now you know them a little better. I have to say they are the most serene couple I have ever met, and she is particularly good-natured, calm and affectionate; an old-fashioned, lovely heroine.

My original idea was to make them a wedding quilt, however I don't think I can quite run to this, and although I'm quite happy with my beginner quilting skills, I know they are not up to making such an heirloom.

But I can crochet. So I thought I could make them a crocheted wedding white yarn, maybe organic cotton, made up of pretty but not fussy granny squares. I know they are also keen on having babies straight away, so it could also be used as a baby blanket.

The questions are:

Which granny square pattern/s should I use?
Should I stick to one square design, or mix a few?
Should I use a few different shades of white? Or maybe a variegated white?
What yarn should I use? It needs to be affordable, but I want to use the best I can.

So far I've found a few patterns I like, and I'm quite keen on Blue Sky Alpaca's Organic Cotton yarn in these shades....

614 drift
616 sky
615 tulip

Garden, by
Patrizia Pisani

standard, by

What do you think? Any pattern/yarn suggestions, or advice would be very welcome! I'm quite keen to get started on this straight away, I haven't knitted or crocheted in months!


amy said...

I love the idea of mixed whites! I also like different square patterns. I sadly do not crochet so I can't really be of help in regards to patterns. I don't know if you need to pick certain patterns though. i think I would just pick a few that I liked and just stitch up what I felt like and then work on arranging them all out later. but that is me. as for yarn i like knitpicks organic cotton and nearsea naturals but they are both US companies so I am not sure if it would be cost efficient for you! This sounds like a lovely present and the wedding sounds like a fun one!

One More Stitch said...

I could just say ditto to the above not really being one who crochets and to the mixed whites. I think that would look more organic which seems as though that would conform with the description of the happy couple.

The wedding sounds incrediably romantic!

Where the nodding violets grow said...

I think it is an excellent idea to make them a crochet blanket. I love both the garden square and the standard granny square. I think they will be beautiful in cotton. I know that Get Knitted has a some Sublime organic cotton on sale at the moment. I understand that it is very good. They have it in colours like rice pudding, which I think is an off white. What a lovely name. I don't want to sound like an advert for GK. I love the colours you have suggested. Good luck with it. I think sometimes the decision making is the worst part.

Rima said...

I would totally make a blanket! Your crochet is beautiful.