Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Tune in...

Radio Dismuke on LoudCity

A swell 1920s/1930s radio station for those so inclined to create a little retro bubble for themselves!


amy said...

oooh! This is just the thing i need! Not having an audiobook to listen too as well as moving soon means I haven't been sewing lately. this is perfect for getting me back in the swing. (haha)

and I have not read any ww2 naval fiction but i am very interested in the time period both sartorially and now more historically. so naval fiction of the time seems very appropriate.

also, have you read Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell? magical fantasy takes place during the early 19th cent during the war with Napoleon. In the first few pages they mention someone named Aubrey, who i imagined to be the elder Aubrey and smiled at myself and then a bit in they talked about resurrecting Nelson from the dead to help defeat Napoleon. i laughed out loud at that one and thought it a damned good idea. I still laugh at it like i know something the people in the book don't know.

Lyn said...

Thank you for popping over to my blog and following me!
I will come over often to see what you have been up to!