Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Ahhh, a week by the sea... even in November it's very relaxing. I had a lovely week with mum, who was very pleased with her scarf, thanks for all your kind comments! Though I did sweeten the gift a little with some Green & Blacks ginger chocolate.

Mum has just moved into a tiny but gorgeous house, a terraced-cottage built in 1810. Despite its mini-proportions it has the biggest bathroom I've ever seen, and is decorated throughout with wood and teal blues. It has hard to leave.
After a walk along the pier and the promenade, with as much salt air as I could possibly want to breathe in, I dived into the Lanes for shopping and gawping with Mr HH. We had the most delicious seafood at English's, and visited the Angel Food Bakery cupcakery. I also fell in love with retro cafe Scoop and Crumb, where I had a Fruit Crumble Sundae, with cinnamon ice-cream, berry ice-cream, strawberry ice-cream, crushed shortbread, fruit coulis and whipped cream, and admired the wallpaper

I saw a whole heap of relations, and parted with Freddie the elephant when I met my 18-month old cousin Freddie. He doesn't talk yet, but has the most adorable laugh.

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Siga said...

That fruit crumble sundae looks delicious! Glad you enjoyed your time away.