Wednesday, 2 September 2009

what did you do on the bank holiday weekend?

I played risk at the weekend with three competitive male friends, a bit geeky, but so much fun! I filmed a few funny bits and made a home video, set to a war-movie soundtrack. I was in a wartime frame of mind, having also watched the epic 4-hour version of Das Boot, lent to me on dvd, its an incredibly good film.

I also spent a lot of time reading some back-copies of selvedge magazine I was given. It's a total revelation to find such an intelligent magazine that covers all textile art and crafts, its also beautifully produced, I'm a total convert.

Aren't the illustrations gorgeous?

It has the most interesting articles I've come across in a craft magazine, and the coolest layout and design.

Eagle-eyed readers will note the kniterly virtues of string noted on the right of this page.

And of course all the adverts appeal to me too...

I started a birthday present for mum, another haven (on request) in her chosen shade of cocoon: lavender ice.

And finally, isn't this a cool way to advertise christmas gifts? I like the high quota of knitted things.

You see the square beanie on the second to last row? Thought I would knit one for my sister, as she's very outdoorsy, what with being an activity instructor and new navy recruit. The question is, whether to add pom-poms?


weaverknits said...

Love the photos... I've looked at Selvedge myself several times without ever purchasing it, but you may have converted me as well!

I love square beanies, too. I would add pompoms... she can always remove them!

Johanna said...

Oh, that mag looks gorgeous. May have to find myself a copy.

Since you ask, I spent much of the weekend knitting and wondering what to make out of that Malabrigo lace you sent! Need to do it justice.

Rima said...

I really like the beanie. Especially the square shape. Pom-poms will add extra flavor, but it is also nice just the way it is.