Thursday, 1 October 2009

just a bit of baking... see out the last days of summer

tarte au citron, from my french table

victoria sponge cake

hint: turn the bottom layer of sponge upside down before spreading with jam, and maybe then it won't all run off the edges!
I use a basic recipe for this cake which involves weighing the eggs, then weighing out the flour, sugar and butter to the same weight. It produces a fantastically light, fluffy cake. I also use bonne maman jam, strawberries and whipped double cream. Its a fairly simple combination of flavours, but is just amazing.

and here's the view from my kitchen window, ahh, I'll miss those sunny days!

I have some very exciting news for my next post, involving bonne maman and flower fairies, Trafalgar Day and a white empire-waisted dress, and a baby elephant.


Lyn said...

Sounds very intriguing!!!!
That cake looks so scrummy, save a piece for me!

Siga said...

That sponge cake looks super-yummy. Looking forward to reading the upcoming post.

Rima said...

Holy Cow. Look at the sponge cake. I think it is calling me.