Sunday, 26 July 2009

you know that day when your childhood is delivered in boxes

...that was today. Mum is finally moving out of the old family home, and today she delivered 12 boxes of toys, photos, diaries, schoolwork, books, clothes, and assorted junk. Decided to skip finding room for it all, and dressed up the old barbies for a photoshoot. Ended up with a catalogue of 36 photos. Also found a textiles project where I seriously presented the teacher with designs for a rubber hot water bottle tie, all my old bus passes, and a black lipstick.


amy said...

This is great! Glad you did the photoshoot! One of my favorite things about going to my parent's house is find my old stuff. I know all my barbies and things are still in storage there. I wonder what i will find when i go through it all!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh- my Barbie had the dress with the hearts on too, AND the one shouldered swimsuit!