Sunday, 12 July 2009

swap goodies from amywashere

Oh Amy, thank you for your fantastic swap parcel! I love every single thing. My absolute favourites are...

the apron kit (brilliant idea, can't wait to make mine) and the cutlery ribbon (great colours)

the Betsy McCall pages (especially the girl scout pages) and the hand-written recipe cards (whiskey chocolate cake? Oh yes!)

the fabric bundle (especially the blue check and the nautical fabric)

The handmade purses (unspeakably awesome, seriously, free style sewing!?)

Oh, and the cake ribbon, and the buttons, and the seeds, and everything else. This was such a great swap!


Siga said...

Great fabrics. It'll be interesting to see what you'll make out of it.

amy said...

I would love to do another swap with you! I have found and thought of a few more things for you too. We could do a christmas/ new year's one (with a tartan and plaid theme haha!)