Sunday, 15 March 2009

four random things I'm in love with at the moment

Shirley Hughes illustrated picture books, especially 'Ella's Big Chance' - a gorgeous re-telling of Cinderella, set in the 20s'/30s'. The dresses are lovely, and the ending much more romantic.

Repeats of Ballykissangel, makes me feel happy.

Going to the pub with friends, which is actually quite a new experience for me. It's so nice, and surprisingly relaxing. I've recently co-founded a new knitting group in Bath and we meet at The Cork, and last week I went for drinks with work friends at The Salamander. They're both good pubs. I like apple juice and vodka.

Trying to do 1940's victory rolls in my hair, using this book and the masses of videos on youtube. I also really like watching professional yet homemade makeup tutorials, like askmemakeup. She does a great set of retro makeup films, and 'marie antoinette hair'.

And one thing I don't like: when Mr HH moves my intarsia project and tangles up the four colours, grrr!


Steffi said...

Ooooh, the hairstyling sounds interesting! I love rolling my hair in different ways, and seeing what I can come up with. I'll have to try this.

amy said...

I have this book! I also have the vintage makeup book. I was so upset when other books in the series were never released...

You should post a pic when you have perfected your rolls!

Do you remember the reality shows that were based on a specific time period from the early 2000's (I think)? There was 1900 House, and there was a prarie one in the US and a 1940's WWII on that took place in England. I loved those shows!