Monday, 30 March 2009

crash and burn

This is what it looks like when your resolutions crash and burn...

This is supposed to be Corona, but as you can see, it's barely more than a belt (sigh).
Not only this, but my tall-ship t-shirt, which I was so enthusiastic about, is buried in my knitting basket, unloved. I am definitely slumped. I'm thinking, finish these 2 projects, and give wool a rest for a while, try something else, maybe throw myself into seriously improving my sewing skills and aim for that last resolution - the hand-made dress.
I was given a cookbook recently and am trying out all these new recipes. I learned how to dress a salad, which is an absurdly simple thing to do, it feels like a revelation. I was making the grilled goats cheese salad from Sarah Raven's Garden Cookbook, on the basis that I had something similar in Paris and it was tres yummy. Just add balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard to olive oil...why haven't I done this before?! Also, drizzling warm honey over sliced goats cheese on some crusty bread and grilling is so delicious I could barely speak - try it. Seriously.
Since summer is here and fruit is unusually cheap at the moment I also had to make the strawberry and shortcake tart. I added raspberries, and skipped the orange water, but I did use semolina which made it really crunchy. What is semolina? Flour or sugar?


amy said...

I am drooling. That all sounds so yummy...

My knitting is in the same way. i started a sock at the beginning of march and it is barely the top cuff :( I haven't gotten any sewing projects under way either. My garden project has taken over my life. I just planted seeds for our rooftop garden this past friday. I am very excited about that!

Semolina is flour. it is also used to make pasta. but i don't know any more technical information than that. I feel like it tends to be lighter than regular flour but i might be making that up...

amy said...

so HH I have an idea. let me know if you are game.

I joined a yoga swap group on Ravelry and I like the idea but i am not sold on participating. They set a theme, this time is music, and rules, when you have to sign up and send out your package and how much to spend and what kinds of things should be in the package. You sign up by answering a questionnaire and they pair you up with someone. It seems to me that most of the women in the group are a bit older than me, of the have kids variety and i don't truly feel that yoga is something that should be associated with a swap. at least 4 times a year.

So i was thinking we could do a swap. I know we are around the same age (and I just noticed both Capricorns), have similar interests and know a bit about each other that i think it would be more fun. We could pick a theme, like tartans and plaids, patrick o'brian or between the wars fashion or anything else (and maybe post about the theme a bit on our blogs) and set our own guidelines on what kinds of things should be in the box. and since i know shipping will be pricey we could pick a date a little out from now so we can save up a little.

It was just a thought so feel free to say no if you don't think it is a good idea for whatever reason.
and you can email me at if that is easier than posting on my blog, but you can do that too.

ps. all the time period reality shows have been added to my netflix. i am kind of excited to watch them again!