Wednesday, 31 December 2008

happy new year

Thanks for all your birthday messages, I had a really nice and relaxing day. My HH got me the yarn and pattern book, and I started straight away on Haven. Heartfelt is a beautiful book, very inspiring, I thought I would just make Haven but several other patterns have jumped onto my queue.

I really like Haven so far, I think this might actually be something I've knit that I get a lot of use out of. A lot of my other projects haven't really made the leap from well-loved to well-used. It knits up quickly of course, with 8mm needles, but surprisingly feels so light, not bulky at all. I'm using Rowan Cocoon in Bilberry, which is lovely and soft. So far I've done this much....

So did anyone else get some novelty yarn from well-meaning but clueless relatives? My in-laws rather sweetly bought me this horror....Schoeller Stahl Big Ball you can see it looks like I've skinned a soft toy : )

Luckily I knitted this swatch up while they were visiting and they saw the funny side, so won't be expecting me to make and wear the shawl pattern given on the label.

Finally, its time to make New Year resolutions, mine are all knitting/sewing related...

  1. To knit things this year that improve my wardrobe, ie things I will actually wear and don't look awful
  2. To knit something really nice at least once a month (haven is my january knit)
  3. To design my own sweater, and then actually write a pattern and knit it
  4. To learn a bit of real dressmaking, and make myself a pretty dress

Happy new year everyone!


amy said...

that cake looks downright yummy and I am a sucker for sprinkles! And it looks like you've got a flip! I have my eye on one...
I bet that novelty yarn would make a good soft toy! The colors are nice. a teddy bear with a very colorful bow.

Johanna said...

Hahaha! That blobby yarn is hilarious. I don't even understand how you can manage to knit with that.

One More Stitch said...

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year! Give you joy of the yarny gifts even if one of them is challenging!

Thanks for the kind remarks on the handkerchief case and DI mittens. I found a button for the first this week and the latter are keeping me warm as I battle the snow!

Have you played your M&C game yet?