Saturday, 20 December 2008

Finally, finally a pattern for Nerys

I finally have some basic instructions and a chart available for Nerys. But, I don't have the software to turn it into a pdf file so if anyone would like these documents (MS word and excel) email me and I'll email you a copy. I'm hoping to get a pdf version sorted soon though, and then of course I'll put it on ravelry.

I'm feeling utterly rotten as I have flu and it's my day off work, but at least I had no excuse but to sit at the computer and get this done finally. I swear any future patterns of mine will be sooooo much simpler!

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keri said...

Hey - I'm happy to help you if you haven't found anyone yet. Feel free to email me. Although - I'm not sure how converting a excel to PDF is going to work - I usually have to copy paste into an image program and then put it into a layout program but we can give it a try! =)