Friday, 3 October 2008

Six random things...

I've been tagged by Juicy Knits for the '6 random things about me' meme, hmm...

The rules first:
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Write six random things about yourself. (hell and death, as Stephen Maturin would put it)

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Alrighty, here are six random things about me;
  • My favourite font is Garamond, and it breaks my heart that this font doesn't appear in the blogger font drop-down menu. I also like to find those free download font websites and install 'The Hobbit' font and 'Floral Art Nouveau' font and such like onto my computer. Goodness knows what I'll ever use them for.
  • I taught myself to knit from a book called 'Debbie Bliss Workbook' which had diagrams of how to cast on, knit and purl. I've never knitted any Debbie Bliss patterns, as I think they are a trifle frumpy.
  • I have a Polish surname, due to my paternal grandfather, of whom I am immensely proud - he escaped the Russian gulag and trans-siberian railway and joined up with the British army in Italy, eventually travelling to London where he met my grandmother. But he lost contact with his Polish relatives and I do not know if any exist, I've never been there and I can't speak Polish.
  • I can't stand the combination of cheese and tomato. The smell makes me feel sick. Which is absurd, because I love cheese in all its varieties, and tomatos are pretty good too. I can only eat pizza if it is liberally doused in chicken and barbeque sauce.
  • One of my ambitions is to learn how to fly a light aircraft, and I have seriously looked into the cost of flying lessons at Bristol Airport in order to get my Private Pilot's License. I just need about £3,000 and a medical check-up.
  • Today I posted my 100th post on ravelry, and here are some stats: I've been on the site for eight months, I've got 62 favourites, have aquired 26 friends, and my favourite group is 'The Lesser of Two Needles' where I've posted 25 times.

I'm going to tag these lovely people; amy was here, Glass of Fashion, and Original Stitches. I hope you all post your six random things because I would like to know you all a little better.


Steffi said...

Thanks for tagging me! My post is up!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I've finally managed to think of 6 so my post is up too...