Monday, 20 October 2008

awesome wrist warmers

Do you remember those pink dashings I started way back when? Well I barely got through one before I frogged the whole thing and resigned the yarn to my stash. On a stash dive today I found the remnants and a whole ball of pristine new yarn and decided it would be perfect to make these awesome wrist warmers with...

(photo credit to Johanna Ziegler - I haven't made mine yet)

Unbelievably this gorgeous pattern is a free download on ravelry, designed by Johanna Ziegler, and featured on her blog Twee as Volk. I love the grey and lilac combination, but for now pink and navy will have to do. The pretty lace design and practical warmth is just what I want in a mitten. (I might make a mitten 'flap' to attach - it's drizzling in Bath right now).

Also, I have almost finished charting a cleaner, simpler version of nerys (ie without all the mistakes and 'errors of judgement', but with the main cabling of course) and it will soon be available as a free download on ravelry, about which I am very excited.

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amy said...

handwarmers are exactly what i need now too! I want to make a pair of endpapers. I have some dk green koigu and that lorna's laces I was making a beret out of that I think will be pretty but alas i have too many other projects going on and don't think i will get to it until it is cold enough to need industrial strength gloves....The pink and navy is very classic and I think it will be pretty!