Sunday, 1 June 2008

portuguese custard tarts-of-war

Feeling more like myself again, happier... These home-baked Portuguese custard 'tarts-of-war' have helped; oh comfort food! My HH dreamt up the name by the way, I like the way it reminds me of Patrick O'Brian books.

I'm also going to make some new bathroom curtains that let the sunlight in, and I have a metre of cotton left over to make my little sister a patchwork cushion for her birthday. Not quite sure about the knitting yet, though have unravelled the pink Dashings as I thought they were a mess and the wool is too good to waste, but I think that's positive. My poor Nouveau Sack Hat is still half done, and I don't even know where Jemima has got to. Anyway, I sense the itch isn't far away.

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juicyknits said...

Oh comfort food... I usually indulge in anything chocolate-y, brownies, cookies. Oh, chocolate fudge cake...
Glad to see you back!