Thursday, 5 June 2008

patchwork butterfly

So my HH and I took a flying visit to Ikea after work, he wanted a proper ironing board and I found some cushions and fabric to make lizzie's birthday present. It turns out that Ikea is one of the best local suppliers of fabric - Bath desperately needs a good haberdashery. I also got this!

I love trays. My desk, where I do most of my sewing, is pretty small and also holds a computer. So until I get a large traditional wooden kitchen table (and the kitchen to put it in) I use trays as portable work-stations, on the floor in front of the TV, on my bed, wherever. They're especially great for keeping pins from escaping.

And I drew a design for the cushion, because a letter is really a bit boring. I have three fabrics: yellow flowery, yellow striped and a sort of red check fabric. I have to make it this weekend as her birthday is on the 14th June.

(The dotted line means I'm going to make the lower wings larger.)

I got two smaller cushions instead of one larger, so the other will probably be three broad stripes of the same fabric. I also got her this poster, cos she loves the Art Nouveau, just like me;

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juicyknits said...

Trays are good for getting your breakfast delivered to bed. ;-)