Sunday, 20 January 2008

Mmm, bacon and mushrooms

inspired by 'Simply Breakfast', who has a gorgeous blog, I'm a little addicted, to photo my own breakfast ~

very hot, with tea.

Jemima is taking up most of my knitting attention, I'm thoroughly concentrated on it, so other things are languishing while I work though my enthusiasm. This is how far you can get with almost one ball of Rowan Kid Classic ~

I'd say its about halfway through the back piece. As the wool is an aran gauge, and I want that drapey fabric the designer had in mind, I'm using 5.5mm needles, and so far its working well. I was going to knit the sweater a little longer, but I figure the bigger needles will take care of that for me, so I'm following the pattern exactly.

The unnamed heart is done, but not sewn up and filled, and I haven't even cast on the other fetching, so not really worth posting about. As for the scarf, nothing could be more boring than an unfinished ribbed scarf on the needles, however much it mocks me into guiltily working a few rows every day.

I've spent the weekends recently on depressing car maintenance, in the endless rain of course, everything from a flat battery, broken lights, water where it shouldn't be, windows that won't open, etc, etc. Its finally (touch a small, dense, forest of wood) okay to drive about, just a few more 'checks and precautions' to get through. I guess it's just an old, worn out car. I do love it though, I know it's silly but I'll never have the heart to sell it, it got me though moving house and starting a new job, and a lot of long lonely road trips. Its a ridiculous car for someone like me to have, I ought to have a small runaround with tiny boot space, not a twelve year old family estate in just the right shade of blue. Anyway, the reason it has to be tip-top is to take me and Mr Homely Hero down to Cornwall next weekend, to a cosy cottage near Looe. I know its January, but I just can't wait for a walk on the beach.


weaverknits said...

Oh, bacon. How wonderful is bacon?

Enjoy your time away! Give us photos when you return!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely way to start your day! =)