Monday, 7 January 2008

half hearted

Exactly half way through a scented heart, and one Fetching done. I knit the glove on straight needles, not being the best of friends with dpns, and blithely placed the thumb opening in the centre.

Stupid me, the thumb isn't on the side of your hand, its slightly underneath. This means that my one 4knit column (not cable) where the seam is, is visible on the front of the hand, whichever you wear it on. So if anyone else is afraid of dpns, place the opening one further cable right or left towards the edge. I'll do it properly on the other one. Its not so catastrophic that I'll re-knit it, and I have a feeling my grandmother won't mind.

This must be the worst reason to knit and then give that knitting as a gift - because you don't like the wool and want it out of the house. Each of this trio (counting the gloves as a pair) takes exactly one ball of wool to knit, so I have one more idea to come up with and then its all over.

On a much, much, happier note, I've begun swatching for the 'Ailish' bag from Country Escape, in Topaz little big wool. I plan to knit the bag and crochet the strap, just as soon as I've obtained an 8mm crochet hook.

And, how exciting, I've cast on my second sweater - this time it will be much more refined and elegant - Jemima in Nightly Kid Classic, on new bendy circular needles.

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Poshyarns said...

Oooh, I lurrve Jemima, in fact I bought the pattern yonks ago and have been meaning to try it, perhaps I will be inspired by envy of yours.