Thursday, 30 January 2014


My love life over the past year has been pretty wonderful, and I think its important to tell people how you feel and show your affections...

For Santes Dwynwen Dydd on Jan 25th I found him a gorgeous, but not girly, handmade card on Etsy.

And a slightly more girly gift, which says 'love you' in Welsh.  Who can resist a hanging heart for the wardrobe door?

He gave me this lovely simple romantic card in return.

For Valentines I have a 'cariad' card, featured in the last post, for him, and have written him 14 love 'postcards' which i will stick to his wardrobe mirror before he wakes up in the morning.  

I think everyone feels, now and then, a little doubtful about their right to be loved, and might wonder why their beloved finds them so attractive and hasn't run away with someone else by now?  I thought I would write down 14 reasons why I love him, just in case he's ever in any doubt.  I won't share them all, because they are extremely personal, but they aren't particularly mushy, they are good, solid aspects of his character I admire and adore.  

As for how I made them, I once wrote off for the 'cabbages and roses' catalogue and received in the post a brown folder full of these oversized postcards, detailing their latest collection.  I've had them in a drawer for years, and they seemed perfect for my modern, shorter love letters.  I found an image of a stamp online and have added the numbers 'one'  - 'fourteen' in welsh plus the '14 reasons why I love you' by just printing off my computer and glueing on.  I handwrote all the messages, and that was it!

Then I thought I would counter all this romance with a boys toy and have bought him a lego technic set.  But there's no reason it can't be prettily wrapped.

I hope you all have a wonderfully romantic day, and enjoy being creative in expressing your feelings!

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Zoƫ said...

Such a lovely idea Caroline! very sweet xoxo