Tuesday, 15 February 2011

books to bathe in

The Thirties is finally out in paperback!

I'm also enjoying Mapp and Lucia...


One More Stitch said...

Huzzah! Now I can buy The Thirties!!!

I adore Mapp & Lucia! Have so for years and I have them all on audio tape so I listen to them the first five books every other year or so. The last book is read by a fine actress but who didn't seem to realise that she was reading sophisticated comedy so I read that one in the flesh, so to speak, to finish everything off. A huge disappointment that last audio book after the wonderful performances by Geraldine McEwan and Prunella Scales (television's M & L.) on the other five. All too gorgeous and delicious, and such plotting and scheming!

Au reservior!

textilehistorIE said...

Beautiful covers.