Monday, 21 June 2010

monday :: read this book

There are so many books I have read recently that I want to recommend to everyone I know, i've decided to space them out a bit and have myself a regular monday feature :: read this book. I'm not one for book reviews....never know quite what to say, inarticulate and all that...but I'll only ever put a book up if I loved it so much I know I'll re-read it.

First on my 'you must try this book' list then ::

Alone on a Wide Wide Sea

Michael Morpurgo

I read lots of children's books because I work in the children's department of a bookstore. I've never read any Morpurgo before, and I loved this. I think he is better known for his animal stories, but this is a biography-style book with a hefty dose of sea-faring which made my heart leap. Lovely book, good writer, gorgeous mix of line drawings and photographic illustrations on the cover, and on each chapter heading.


Where the nodding violets grow said...

I have a thirteen year old son who never reads. We are trying to encourage this but have no idea of suitable books to start him off with. Do you think that this one would be good?

A Homely Heroine said...

Absolutely, this would be the right age. Or the Darren Shan books, Horowitz books, or Muchamore books are all hugely popular with boys 12-15. If you go for Muchamore, start with 'The Recruit'.