Sunday, 18 April 2010

Thanks for all your kind comments, on wednesday I'll post my recipe for my favourite cake, cherry and coconut. It's my mum's really, this is one of her staples, another being flapjack dark brown with treacle and rich with fruit.

In the meantime....

We had friends over for lunch, and did greek food, so naturally we had to serve a greek dessert. I tried GoodFood's honey cake, recipe here.

It's quite a plain, unprepossessing cake, which you finish with a glaze of warm honey. It's dense and moist, and very heavily scented of honey. I did it with a fruit salad and natural yoghurt, and it was quite popular. Our guests finished half of it, and took another quarter home with them. Which is great, because as it turns out I don't really like it. But you might!

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