Sunday, 14 September 2008

I've discovered the joy of magic-loop socks!

I haven't knit socks for a year or so, because I just couldn't get on with dpns (fiddly, painful) and knitting socks back and forth and seaming them up the sides creates bulky, unneccesary seams, ugh. So you can imagine my joy, pure lightness of heart, when I came across Quietish's Phineas pattern (I can't help but browse gorgeous sock patterns) with directions to Knitty's step-by-step guide! I can't think why I didn't think about learning this before.

First I attempted the seamless toe-up cast-on, but my increases were a bit messy, so I used a false cast on to knit a short-row toe, then picked up the stitches and discarded the waste yarn, and commenced basic stripey magic loop goodness.

And for once I'm not using the R-word. Instead I'm stash-busting with some creamy Sheepish sock yarn I bought in York, and some Sunbeam 4-ply in slate blue.

No seams! None at the toe, none at the sides, woohoo!

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amy said...

I love magic loop! I used it on a hat that i eventually decided i had to frog but it was a nice technique and less gap-y than double points. I like your colors, they seem perfect for the rainy weather we are having in Chicago!