Monday, 24 March 2008

dreaming away the weekend

I'm exactly halfway through 'Jemima' and 'Nouveau', I've been sketching some ideas for a pair of cabled mittens based on the Liberty (of London) fabric prints, started 'dashings' in gentle pink, and my first lace project - the 'branching out' scarf from Knitty, but much shorter and turned into a headband (a fantastic idea by Another Shopgirl).


keri said...

Oooh very pretty. I love your idea of taking a vision of something you've seen and re-creating it in knit format. I've been dreaming of stretching and designing my own bits of things. With spring coming I have the urge to create my own patterns.

Poshyarns said...

Wow, you seem to have so much on the go, I love the idea of the mittens and the colour is so pretty.