Sunday, 16 December 2007

noelle - a folly

Here is a good sewing tip: it is very difficult, Very Difficult, crossing-the-north-sea-in-a-sieve Difficult, to thread a whole nutmeg. Don't be fooled by the brittle outer shell, it has a true nut core which will result in many bent pins and very sore fingers. Not with a normal needle anyway. In comparison a cinnamon stick is butter.

ah, christmassy mess

I just saw 'The Golden Compass' and wow, did you see Lyra's knitted hat in, like, the entire second half of the film? I reckon it was made with this Rowan Biggy Print - what do you think? I also loved the pinafore she wore at the beginning, that would be so cool as overalls or an apron in dark blue or purple fabric. And the white spotted blouse, and Nicole Kidman's wicked curls.

Today is the last episode of 'Cranford' and I think my heart will break, its so sad and so romantic. 'Ballet Shoes' is on Boxing Day, I've been looking forward to this for months. Thirties clothes rock.

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