Monday, 27 August 2007

the v&a birthday card bag

This weekend I've been working on the grey bag from 'romantic style' with an intarsia candlestick design copied from a v&a birthday card. I worked out a pattern to fit the dimensions of the bag, 40 stitches across and 51 stitches top to bottom, the drawing above shows two different 'sides' and I decided to go with the right hand side stick on both sides. I knit the grey body of the bag in ryc baby alpaca dk, and the intarsia in the malabrigo, on 4mm needles. To get the contrast I skipped the light blue bits of malabrigo and just used the dark blue, which has lots of variation in shade. Its made the back rather messy, and the front is a bit bumpy, but some blocking and lining fabric should hide this.

On some of the lighter blue shades I've gone over it in darker wool with needle and thread to make the silhouette shape clearer, including the middle flame. I'm now knitting the plain back, and then the handles. I might knit one long handle to go from side to side rather than two small handles on each side, in garter stitch as in the pattern.

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