Sunday, 27 April 2008

100% finished!

I actually finally finished something! The 'branching out'(knitty) headband (invented by Another Shopgirl) in Rowan Kid Classic Nightly;

It took me a while to get the hang of keeping track of the pattern, there are lots of weird patches. I shaped the ends my moving up and down needle size. The main part was worked on 6mm needles, the cast-on and cast-off was worked in 4mm needles, so the leaves near the ends are a lot smaller. I seamed the short edges, and voila! a stretchy, wide headband!

Thursday, 10 April 2008


All of my knitting is progressing at the same steady rate, and yet none of it is done yet.

But I have been away on Guide Camp, for the first time since I was fourteen, hugely fun and tiring, and I'm just going to have to make a camp blanket now. I'll start with these...

The first I got in the tuck shop (yes! they still exist!), and the second the other leaders very kindly let me have, for organising the crafts on the weekend. We did fabric painting, glass painting, jewellery-making, friendship bracelets, and crochet. Four guides achieved their craft badges by doing at least four of these activities.

And I came home and had a go too...

This bag is a trial-run for some 'goddess' t-shirts I want to paint, with images of ancient Roman and maybe Greek goddesses, this one is based on a statue of Ceres. Its unfinished, like so much else.